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Farm Marketing & Financial Workshop

Lake Tahoe, CA | Upcoming Schedule

Here is just a sampling of what farmers, and some bankers, and some insurance agents are saying about the TEPP program. What has amazed us is the number of “repeat” attendees. Over 95% of those who attend the workshop indicate on their feedback form that they want to keep coming back every year.

Here’s just a few of their comments:


This is by far the best farm marketing program I’ve attended. Thanks for putting this together in Fargo.

-Dale, North Dakota

The marketing game was a great way to test your skills after learning the different tools.
- Bill, Illinois

The length of program was ideal, not too long, but long enough to get to meet others and absorb some of the things taught. I liked the time we had at dinners and lunches to meet other farmers—very encouraging to learn that I’m not alone in learning this stuff.
-Mike, Kentucky

Wish I started learning some of these things 10-15 years ago. But it’s never too late to start learning. I’m glad you came down to Kentucky.
-Joe, Indiana

I’ve been coming to this program for 5 years now and every time I attend, I learn something new.
-Scott, South Carolina

I left crops in the field to come attend this, and I’m glad I did. The tools you taught I can use to make my operation more successful year after year. I hope you guys come back, I’m definitely interested in attending again.
-Randy, North Dakota

I’ve been to a lot of different marketing meetings, but I really like the fact that you guys teach us things that we can use even after we leave the meeting. The marketing game at the end was really good—I’ve done those before, but this one was more like real-life.
-John, Illinios

I thought 2.5 days might be too long for a workshop, but the time flew by, and I know there is still more we could have covered. I plan to bring more of my financials next year so I can understand some of the discussions on ratio’s better.
-Robert, Illinois

These are the things they need to be teaching in school BEFORE we get into farming! But I’m glad you guys are doing it, and I hope you’ll come back. I plan on attending again.
-Ken, South Dakota