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Farm Marketing & Financial Workshop

Lake Tahoe, CA | Upcoming Schedule


Typical Agenda for the 2.5 day TEPP Workshop

Welcome to The Executive Program for Producers

Our goal is help producers grow their business by providing them the tools and information necessary to run their operations more profitably and teach them how to be more successful year after year. Too many producers today are focused solely on the production/operations side of their business. In today’s competitive environment, a farmer who wants to stay in business long term, needs to also understand the financial and marketing aspects of his business. By attending a TEPP workshop, you will better understand how to run your farm operation more profitably so that your farm operation will survive to the next generation.

What topics will be covered?

TEPP was designed to give you the competitive advantage needed to be successful both in the short term (this crop year) and for the years to come. During the seminar, participants receive training in commodity market analysis, components of a marketing plan and the mechanics of developing a marketing plan. The seminar provides over 16 hours of hands-on instruction, including problem solving and case studies. Participants will write a 2010 marketing plan for their business based on their operation’s cost of production and profit requirements.

  • The Future of Ag under the Obama Administration
  • Target Price Analysis
  • Key financial ratio's
  • Understanding your Profit and Loss statements
  • When is a good time for me to make an additional investment (land or equipment)?
  • Understanding your TRUE costs of production
  • How the futures market works
  • Understanding futures/options and the roll they play in risk management
  • The use of insurance as a risk management tool
  • Succession planning to protect your hard earned assets
  • Fundamental analysis - How to better understand those USDA reports, the impact of China, the threat of South America, etc
  • Technical analysis (what do the charts tell us and how should they be used for hedging)
  • The big 3 Funds: The spec funds, hedge funds and index funds and their roll in price discover

Who should attend?

Any producer, end user, grain processor or banker who wants to get more familiar with the finance and marketing aspects of their farm business/operation. Past attendees have included: small farmers (100 acres), big farmers (15,000 acres), livestock producers (hog and cattle operations), grain elevators and merchandisers, and bankers.

How much does it cost?

The cost is only $595 per attendee ($550 for early registration). This includes two lunches and at least one dinner. Each attendee is responsible for their own lodging, but we usually have a pre-negotiated rate with a local hotel. Be sure to stay the entire 2.5 days! Even if you live locally, plan to break away from your normal “operations” duties to focus on getting a better handle on your financials and learning the keys to becoming a more successful business person.

What do I need to do to participate in a workshop?

Step one: Pick the workshop you would like to attend and get registered (online, or via fax or regular mail).

Step two: Fill out the profile/application to determine your eligibility.

Step three: Start gathering as much financial information on your operation as you can find (preferably Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, and detailed costs of production). You will NOT be sharing this information with other classmates---but you WILL be using to help get a better handle on the true state of affairs of your business.

For a glimpse of the type of material that will be covered at your TEPP conference, click here: www.GrainMarketingPrimer.com