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Farm Marketing & Financial Workshop

Lake Tahoe, CA | Upcoming Schedule


The Executive Program for Producers (TEPP) educational workshops were designed to give farmers the basics that they need from a financial and marketing standpoint so that they can become a more profitable and successful farming enterprise. As a result of the demand to attend the annual workshop in Charleston, SC the program expanded to other locations in 2009. The TEPP program will expand to at least 11 workshops in 2011. The original curriculum for the program was designed by Scott Mickey (Clemson University) and has evolved with consulting help from Dave Kohl (Virginia Tech), and Jeff Beal (Gulke Group).

The workshops are limited to 35 participants MAXIMUM (20-30 is ideal). The focus is on education and sometimes one-on-one time with attendees is required, and our experience has shown that’s difficult to provide in a room of 35+ participants.


Farmers of all ages are welcomed to attend the TEPP workshops. Many are in the process of taking over a "family farm" from relatives and feel overwhelmed by the challenges they face in these volatile markets and have very little training in the area’s that can differentiate their business and increase their probability of success (finance and marketing). Other participants already have their own operation and are trying to do the right things to ensure their continued long term success. Farm sizes of the attendees range from 400 acres to over 10,000 acres. While the focus of the program is on row crops, many of our participants at each conference are livestock producers (cattle, hog and chicken producers). We also have a fair amount of lenders who participate in the program. Banks and borrowing institutions want their employees to better understand these same basic concepts—and want to understand them from the farmers perspective. Some of these lenders have also brought their farmer clients with them--or even paid to have them attend!


The goal of the 2.5 day TEPP workshops ($595) is to help producers understand how to profitably grow their business by providing them the essential financial tools, marketing tools and the training required to ensure their success. This includes the tools that will help attendees quantify their results and measure their progress year after year. It’s part of the reason why 65% or our attendees continue to come back year after year.

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